Globalization: Perak’s Rise, Relative Decline, and Regeneration
This book analyses the ebbs and flows of globalization on natural resource-rich Perak over two centuries. It brings together interconnected sub-themes: the institutional legacy of colonialism, the increasing centralization of federalism, economic agglomeration, and migration.
Sultan Nazrin Shah (2024)
Striving for Inclusive Development: From Pangkor to a Modern Malaysian State
This book, which traces the evolution of what is now Malaysia from a far-flung colonial trading outpost at the time of the Pangkor Engagement in 1874 to a modern, diversified economy, is divided into five parts, in 10 chapters, which chronicle the events and the transformations—as well as the people—that marked this journey.
Sultan Nazrin Shah (2019)
Charting the Economy: Early 20th Century Malaya and Contemporary Malaysian Contrasts
This book charts the course of Malaya’s commodity-dependent economy during the first 40 years of the 20th century while under British colonial control, contrasting that course with the economic growth and development in contemporary Malaysia. 
Sultan Nazrin Shah (2017)
"We must be clear that a nation’s development is linked not only to how much money we have, or to how many modern buildings and highways we can construct.

There are countries with the finest state-of-the-art buildings that money can buy, yet where unemployment and poverty – in the sense of economic as well as spiritual poverty – are still widespread. True development, rather, entails holistic progress in all areas, and must include its non-material elements and inner dimensions."
IKIM International Forum on the Royal Professor Ungku A. Aziz, December 2022
“Transitioning to a better world … It must be made real. In order to get there, policies and incentives must be adapted to ensure that growth continues, but in a way that is sustainable and inclusive.

Economic growth is necessary, especially for those poorer countries which desperately need to catch up. But it must be achieved in a way that stays within our existing planetary boundaries.”
Transitioning to a Better World: CIMB Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit, September 2022
“The task of a historian—it is often said—is not to judge but to explain. History is complex. It is long, winding, and ever changing, filled with countless perspectives and opinions. Indeed, young historians could spend their whole life ‘looking down’ when they do research, and by the time they look up they would be as old as Malaysia itself.”
Launch of Striving for Inclusive Development, July 2019
In navigating our future course towards high-income status, Malaysia faces many challenges, which must be carefully considered and discussed if they are to be faced effectively.

We must also seek a better balance between competing demands on the environment and on our natural resources, for the benefit of this and all future generations."
ISIS Malaysia’s Praxis Seminar: A Time for Transitions: The Malaysian Economy to 2020, October 2018
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