In navigating our future course towards high-income status, Malaysia faces many challenges, which must be carefully considered and discussed if they are to be faced effectively.

We must also seek a better balance between competing demands on the environment and on our natural resources, for the benefit of this and all future generations."
Isis Malaysia’s Praxis Seminar: A Time for Transitions: The Malaysian Economy to 2020, October 2018

As we look forward into an uncertain future, we can also learn lessons from history. The story of our recent past is one of previously undreamt of human progress, however uneven and incomplete.

We must now ensure that the even more amazing gains that are likely to be made this century are managed effectively and for the greater good."
The Pangkor Dialogue 2017: Rethinking Development, September 2017

Education contributes to development by empowering individuals to reach and fulfil their potential.

At the same time, education is instrumental in generating economic growth by boosting productivity and enabling populations to contribute more effectively. This direct relationship makes it imperative for education systems and methods to stay ahead of the game in our competitive and challenging times. "
National Defence University of Malaysia, 2016
Poverty and Inequality

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